Still Looking For Fidget Spinners?

fidget spinners


Following the Pokemon Go craze and the water bottle flipping madness, the latest fad taking over is… Fidget spinners! Just like hacky sacs and yo-yos did it the past, these cool little toys are quickly gaining popularity with kids of all ages. And stores are constantly running out of stock!



Enter the YouTube videos: There are thousands of DIYs online on how to make fidget spinners; with zip ties, with shoe laces, with bearings, without bearings, the list goes on.

Our kids tried most of these alternatives when they couldn’t find the spinners in stores. However, they still wanted the real deal. So, after we lost our cool status as parents, yet again, when we refused to purchase them online and pay double the amount in shipping and handling, they decided to place a 3D printing order with the local library.

And they were not alone!

The Peoples’ Place Library has been swarmed with 3D printer requests for fidget spinners and the Highland Bike Shop has been ordering bearings non-stop.bearingsSo how are they made?

The Lulzbot Taz5 3D printer uses a PLA (polylactic acid) plastic derived from corn starch. The 3 mm filament is melted to a temperature of 205°C and the build platform on top of which the object sits, is kept at 60°C. The platform slides along the X axis as the print nozzle moves along the Y and Z axes to form one layer at a time in order to build the spinner.

3D printer close-up 1Play the short video to watch the printer in action.

3D printerThe fidget spinner can be assembled once it’s dry and cooled to room temperature. The bearing is then placed in the center and tapped in gently with a rubber mallet.

assemblyadding the bearing The rest of the pieces are added in, the hexagon nuts and the bearing caps.

fidget spinner parts

adding the cap

And there you have it, the final product:

final product

Simple, inexpensive and thank-goodness-for-this-3D-printer-because-my-kids-were-driving-me-bonkers fist bumps all around!

Thank you Sarah O’Toole for all your help!!

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Peoples’ Place Makerspace

Water Bottle Flipping!

Peoples’ Place Makerspace


“Makerspace is a place where people come together to make projects in a communal space. It is a metaphor for a unique atmosphere that encourages tinkering, play, and open-ended exploration for all. A collaborative learning environment where people share materials, ideas, and new skill with one another. Our Makerspace enables community partnership, collaboration and creation.”

-People’s Place Antigonish Town & County Library

I visited the new Makespace with my son and was pleasantly surprised to see all the free equipment and software readily available to anyone who wants to use it. From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning to artistic development, this wonderful space has everything to cultivate the imagination and innovation in every child, and adult.

Here are some of the cool things we discovered during our guided tour with Sarah Armstrong.

Lego® Robotics

This takes Legos to the next level! Great opportunity for children to create and command their own robotic creations to move using the Mindstorms® Lego® series.

lego robotics 1

lego robotics 2

lego robotics 3mindstorms


Great introduction to programing, coding and circuit building to create prototypes and awesome inventions.

littelbits 1

littelbits 2

littelbits 3

littelbits 4

Makey Makey®

This kit allows you to connect objects that can conduct electricity with a computer program, in order to turn the objects into touchpads. For example, you can make a banana piano where you use the bananas instead of the keyboard to make music.

banana piano


The Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette cutting machine is amazing for DIY projects. From simple cut-outs to stick-on vinyl creations… it does it all.
(Note: limited supplies can be purchased at the library at a low cost.)

silhouette maker 1

silhouette maker 2

silhouette maker 3


The Singer® Sewing Machine

This top of the line sewing machine can be used for any sewing project.

sewing machine

The Cuttlebug®

This adorable machine is a scrapbooker’s heaven! It allows you to emboss and die cut cards, labels, tags, and much more.

cuttle bug 1

cuttle bug 2

cuttle bug 3

cuttle bug 4


3D Viewer

Remember this?

vintage view master

(image from

If you do, then you definitely grew up in the 80’s…

Well, Makerspace has the latest 3D viewer. You can download your own Apps and use them for this 3D virtual reality viewer. How cool is that?

3D viewer

3D viewer 2

A variety of software

AutoCAD for 3D design, Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver for web design, Adobe Flash for animation, Adobe Illustrator for creating designs and logos, Photoshop for modifying images and graphics are readily available for free.

Adobe illustrator


The 3D Printer

This machine is AWESOME! You can create 3D models of anything, including the latest toy fad… fidget spinners! You can go to, download a design and email it to the library for printing.

(Note: there is a cost for the printer materials)

3D printerCombine the power of the 3D printer with the MakerBot® digitizer for even more possibilities. I remember seeing this on TV, but to actually have a digitizer available in town is very exciting!

The MakerBot® scans an item and turns it into a digital design which can then be printed in 3D! Watch the video below.

makerbot digitizer

The Converter

Great opportunity to convert old VHS tapes, collecting dust, into DVDs. Vinyl records and cassettes can be converted into CDs and MP3s as well.


Final thoughts…

The Makerspace is a wonderful place to create and stretch one’s imagination. I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of the technology, and the creative equipment available to the public for free.

Your children will love it!

Go check it out 🙂


Note: Make sure to call or email the library in advance to ask about availability.

Happy tinkering!

(The Makerspace is sponsored by the Friends of the Antigonish Library (FoAL))

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The Benefits of Light Therapy

forest with sunlight

by Sarah Armstrong

Antigonish’s Peoples’ Place Library offers two full-spectrum light therapy lamps to support those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).




SAD is a form of depression that lasts from Fall until Spring that saps motivation and cheer from the sufferer’s life.


The basic idea behind how a SAD Lamp box works is to simulate the effects of sunlight on the brain to promote a natural sleep cycles and general feelings of well-being.


Affordability and access are barriers for many people who could benefit from this form of therapy. Friends of the Antigonish Library, FoAL, are proud to sponsor free access to these lights within the library to all patrons during open hours.

sad lamp

SAD Light Therapy Lamp



sarah_and_crystalFoAL Chair, Sarah Armstrong, and library staff member Crystal Wallace-Maceachern enjoy some sun exposure on a dreary day.



Sarah Armstrong, FoAL Chair

Antigonish March Break Activities

march break


So March break is right around the corner. If you are staying in the Antigonish area throughout the break and looking for things to do, here are a few ideas:



Programs your kids will love

 😀 At the Library

The Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library (PARL) offers many free activities during the break! Make sure to register early as some programs are space limited.

march break parl


 😀 Science fun

The StFX Chemistry dept. offers the X-chem Outreach Science Club.

x-chem club

For more children activities click on the following links (which can also found under the Antigonish Kids Corner tab in the main menu).


Outdoor activities

 😀 Hit the trails

Explore the numerous trails in our area. Enjoy the fresh air whether it’s hiking, coasting, skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing.

No equipment? No worries, the Town of Antigonish Recreation department loans recreational equipment throughout the winter months.



😀 Identify animal tracks

Animal tracks are easy to find in the snow, especially early in the morning. Snowshoe hare, squirrel, grouse, deer, raccoon and mice are some of the most common animal tracks you might encounter.

rabbit and grouse

Hare tracks and grouse tracks

😀 Build a snowman

Although the Snowman Contest is over, you can still submit your snowman pictures to (subject: Snowman) to join the Antigonish Snowman Wall of Fame 2017!

snowman wall 3

Indoor activities

 😀 Swimming and skating

Take advantage of the free skates and free swims offered by the Town of Antigonish until March 19.

TOA free activities


 😀 Bowling!

Enjoy a game of bowling, day or night, at Pins Bowling Center.

pins fluorescent


😀 PC Cooking school

Family cooking classes are offered at the Atlantic Superstore.


 😀 Spring cleaning?

Why not. Get an early start on your spring cleaning and get the kids to participate too! Now is the perfect time to go through last year’s summer clothes, which they have probably outgrown. You can drop off clothing and footwear in the designated Canadian Red Cross bins closest to your area.donation boxes


Happy March Break!