Easy DIY Holiday Planters

holiday planter 11


A quick way to spruce up your front porch during the holidays is to display a couple of festive planters. However, they can be quite pricey. So why not try to create your own this season for a fraction of the price?
You may already have most of the materials for this simple DIY… if not, all of the supplies can be found at any craft store or dollar store and some even in your back yard.



♦ 2 deep planters

♦ gravel (or large rocks)

♦ 6 wet floral foam blocks

♦ 8 evergreen tree branches of similar size. I like incorporating different types of tree branches, like spruce, pine, cedar, etc.

♦ festive decorations, such as large bows, red winterberries or holly, pine cones and ornaments.


holiday planter 4


1. Place gravel at the bottom of the planter to give it some weight. This is especially useful if the planter will be placed outdoors and may risk being blown away by strong winter winds.

2. Add pre-soaked floral foam on top of gravel

3. Firmly place the base of the branches into the foam

4. Accessorize by adding festive decorations


holiday planter 2


A few helpful tips…

♦ Select a holiday decor style and colour scheme first. Whether it’s traditional, rustic, modern or eclectic, decide which style you like best, then gather the decorations that suit that style.
♦ Place the larger branches in the back of the planter first, then fill in the front.
Symmetry is key.

♦ Make sure that the planter is visually balanced with holiday decorations.

♦ Fill in the bald spots. Use smaller pieces of pine branches to fill in any empty areas, so that the planter looks full.


holiday planter 10


Happy holiday decorating!


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Rustic Holiday Decorations



I love mixing the old with the new when it comes to Christmas decorations.  This simple potpourri holiday craft is easy to make and will make your home smell wonderful too!






♦ bag of holiday potpourri

♦ stitching needle

♦ thick thread (e.g. twine)





♦ Cut the thread to a desired length and make a knot at the end of it.

♦ With the needle and thread pass through each piece of potpourri.

♦ Make a loop knot at the end of the thread.

♦ Hang on door, door handle or display on mantle.



This is a great craft for kids and can easily be turned into a garland for the Christmas tree.


tree garland

Happy decorating!



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Holiday Feather Ornaments

Holiday Feather Ornaments

feather feature


Gold and silver feather ornaments are increasing in popularity this Holiday season. So why not make your own thrifty version?

Try this simple DIY short-cut to give simple inexpensive craft feathers an elegant festive look.




• Craft feathers, any color

• Gold and silver spray paint

• Thin craft wire

feather 8



1. Wrap a bit of craft wire around the quill of each feather and form a hook at the tip

2. Brush feather barbs with fingers against their natural direction to give them a ruffled look.

3. Spray paint both sides, including the quill

4. Hang the feathers by the hook on a dowel

5. Allow to dry for 10 minutes


feather 16

feather 15

feather 12

feather 9


Get creative…

Add some pizzazz to your feathers.

Spray paint them different colours. Make them two-toned, with both gold and silver or add some glitter on the tips before they dry.

feather 7

feather extra

feather 20 png

feather 19 png copyfeather on tree pin

Voila! The perfect addition to any Christmas tree.

I hope this post inspired you to make your own Holiday ornaments 😀

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Happy Decorating!



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