DIY Canada Day Lighthouse

DIY Canada Day Lighthouse



Canada Day is almost here!

With that in mind, why not make a simple craft to celebrate this wonderful occasion?



I’ve always admired lighthouses and there are so many beautiful lighthouses in the Maritimes. My inspiration for this DIY project was the Cape George Lighthouse.


Cape George Lighthouse, Antigonish, NS (image by Bardencj)


This lighthouse project is super easy to make, inexpensive and it’s functional. All the materials can be purchased from the dollar store.

The materials

  • v-shaped tin vase
  • small size red lantern that can fit inside the base of the vase
  • white nautical style rope
  • red ribbon or strip of red felt (or even red tape)
  • Canadian flag sticker
  • white spray paint
  • construction glue



Place the vase upside down.

Spray paint it white and let dry.

spray paint

Glue the red lantern to the top of the inverted vase.

glue at the top

adding the lantern

Glue the ribbon or felt at to the base of the light house and at the top rim too (below the base of the lantern). If you don’t have ribbon or felt or tape, but have red paint, you can paint a red strip along the base.

glue on felt

felt at base

Glue the nautical rope at around the bottom of the red circumference of the lighthouse.

glue around the base

rope at base

Add a second strip of red felt at the top of the vase, between the lantern and the top of the inverted vase.

top strip

Finally, add the Canadian flag sticker in the center of the lighthouse.

finished lighthouse

Place the lighthouse in your garden, on your porch, or keep it indoors and use it as a nightlight.

lighthouse in garden

I did look for a small solar lantern, but couldn’t find one that fit the bottom of my vase. However that would be a smarter choice and more economical.

lighthouse on porchHappy Canada Day!

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Deer Shed Makeover


Deer Shed Makeover

deer shed


Every now and then it’s possible to find deer sheds while walking in the woods. Such a lucky find can be transformed into a beautiful rustic centerpiece.




A couple of coats of spray paint can go a long way for a simple upcycling project like this.


deer shed

deer shed


I decided to go with white Krylon® spray paint. Applied one coat, let it dry for 20 minutes in a well ventilated area, then applied the second coat.

And voila…


deer shed

deer shed


A new purpose for an old antler shed.

deer shed



Rustic Holiday Decorations



I love mixing the old with the new when it comes to Christmas decorations.  This simple potpourri holiday craft is easy to make and will make your home smell wonderful too!






♦ bag of holiday potpourri

♦ stitching needle

♦ thick thread (e.g. twine)





♦ Cut the thread to a desired length and make a knot at the end of it.

♦ With the needle and thread pass through each piece of potpourri.

♦ Make a loop knot at the end of the thread.

♦ Hang on door, door handle or display on mantle.



This is a great craft for kids and can easily be turned into a garland for the Christmas tree.


tree garland

Happy decorating!



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