Early speech & language stimulation tricks from a speech-language pathologist and mom of four

by Sheri Lambourne
The Minister did not speak as much as he intoned his words in his greeting, “weelllcooomme”. It was as if we were in church not in a small sitting room on a cold March day, as we met to discuss the upcoming baptism of our first child-our much awaited daughter. His question, however simple, left us stumped as he asked us if we knew what infant meant in Latin. Neither of us knew. With a flourish of his hand, he intoned that the Latin translation of infant is “Speechless”. Such was the importance of…

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College at last… 2 simple breathing techniques students can do to manage stress

by Ivan Drouin
Finally, high school is over. You are headed for College or University. You can’t wait for the new challenge, but maybe you also feel a bit stressed and wonder if you will be able to make new friends. And what about all these stories you heard about exams, essays and quizzes that reach another level (“It’s not high school!”, everybody says)! But you will be more independent and you can’t wait. On the other hand, maybe you wish you were not going so far from home as you know you will miss your parents, or your siblings, or…

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3 words of advice when dealing with finances

by Jamie MacDonald
If I was ever asked what the best advice I ever received it would be: ‘listen to experience’. Simply three words, but all too often it is not adhered to. We try and solve our problems with the knowledge and experience we have obtained over the years and hopefully come to a solution without too much difficulty. However some issues are beyond our abilities to solve and only those with the proper experience can help you through the difficulties. One aspect of our lives we all come across or have to deal with…

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