Easy Toblerone Squares

squares feature

by Regina Cozzi


I came up with this recipe while trying to make toffee squares. I started the crust, then realized I was missing the main ingredients for the topping. Luckily, leftover Halloween Toblerone bars saved the day.



These squares are easy to make and will please the whole family!



3/4 cups butter

1/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups flour

1 can sweetened condensed milk (300 ml)

2 Toblerone chocolate bars (100g each)

1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips



Preheat oven to 350°F.

Butter a 13″x 9″ pan

Combine sugar and melted butter

Add flour and mix with fingers until crumbly

crust crumble

Add mixture to pan and press down firmly

pressed crust

Bake for 20 minutes or until golden

Remove pan from heat

Pour condensed milk on top of crust

milk on top of crust

Add cut chocolate bar pieces on top of milk

Sprinkle chocolate chips between the chocolate pieces


Bake for 20 minutes

Remove from heat

With a knife, swirl melted chocolate on the surface to create a marble effect.

marbled effect

Let cool until set

Refrigerate for 2 hours

Cut into pieces before serving

squares final

Refrigerate leftovers to prevent chocolate from melting.

Enjoy 🙂





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